Covenants and Restrictions
  • chevron_rightCan I make improvements to my property?
    Property improvements must first receive approval as set forth in the development’s restrictions and governing documents. TCW has an Architectural Control Committee that reviews such requests. Please use your Smartwebs Resident Portal to submit an ACC request or download the ACC form located in the "Documents & Forms" tab and email to admin@ascensionpm.com. Keep in mind that approval should be obtained prior to beginning any work.
  • chevron_rightWhat about my property's appearance?
    An important element to preserving and enhancing the values of the properties in the development is the appearance of each individual property. If you live in the neighborhood, your property should be maintained with periodic painting and fence maintenance. The yard area should be manicured and free of rubbish or debris. Trailers, boats, RV’s, barbecue grills, work/construction equipment, etc. should not be stored on the property such that they are visible from the street or adjoining properties.
  • chevron_rightWhat about registering home security alarms with the police department?
    The Austin police deparment Alarm Ordinance requires an alarm permit for each residence that operates an alarm system. You can register your alarm with the Austin Police Department by following their process at this website:
    You can find the Ordinance by going here and searching for "Alarm" in the quick search box at the top of the page.
  • chevron_rightWhat about trash cans?
    Trash cans should be stored out-of-view from the street during non-trash pick up days.
  • chevron_rightWhat if I don't pay the dues?
    The responsibility to pay the periodic assessment lies with the property owner. You should receive a bill to remind you to pay your assessment, but the ultimate responsibility to pay the assessment falls with the property owner. Property owners that don’t pay are subject to enforcement action which includes the filing of a lien and, ultimately, foreclosure.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the City of Austin Front and Side Yard Parking Ordinance and is TCW included?
    TCW is included in the City of Austin Front and Side Yard Parking Ordinance. Click here for a list of FAQs on the Ordinance.
    Click here for a map of areas covered by the Ordinance (as of 2009).
    You can find more information on this ordinance at:
    For questions or enforcement please call the City of Austin at 311.
Home Owner's Association
  • chevron_rightHow many homes are there in TCW?
    Travis Country West has 226 houses.
  • chevron_rightWhat about Annual Meetings?
    Property owners are sent written notice of the annual meeting. The Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting by the Association members. The Board members are volunteer homeowners and serve the Association without pay.
  • chevron_rightWhat about Board Meetings?
    After the annual meeting, the Board of Directors convenes its first meeting at which the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected. Throughout the year, the Board of Directors holds periodic meetings. 
  • chevron_rightWhat about Service Contracts?
    The Board enters into contracts with various service vendors to manage and operate the facilities of the Association, as well as assist in the overall management of the Association. It is common for the board to hire a professional property manager, a landscaping company, a pool maintenance company, an extermination company, etc. to provide routine management and maintenance services. TCW uses Ascension Property Management.  You can contact them by email at admin@ascensionpm.com or call 512-255-1671.
  • chevron_rightWhat can I do about a tree or shrub on the greenbelt that hangs over my property line?
    If a tree over hangs ones property line, one can trim a tree to the property line (straight up & down)
  • chevron_rightWhat do HOA dues pay for?
    The periodic dues assessment pays for the various service contracts, insurance coverage, property taxes, and other administrative costs of operating the association. Please refer to the TCW financial statements found in the Documents page of our website.
  • chevron_rightWhat if a tree on the greenbelt (not touching my property) is causing a problem or needs removal or trimming?
    If a tree is in a greenbelt and is causing a problem, call 311 and request the city Arborist to review the tree.
    A green belt is a no touch zone for a citizen.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Association?
    The Association is a corporate entity that is organized under state law. There may be some instances of an association not being organized as a legal corporate entity, but this is the exception. As a corporate entity, the Association is governed by its By-Laws.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the purpose of the Association?
    The purpose of the Association is to protect and enhance property values through:
    •  Maintenance and improvement of the common areas
    • Enforcement of deed restrictions and community rules.
  • chevron_rightWho are the Association Members?
    Property owners in the development are subject to mandatory membership in the Association.  In other words, once you purchase a property you are an association member.
  • chevron_rightWho controls the Association?
    New developments are controlled by the developer. Initially, the board of directors is comprised of developer representatives. After a certain percentage of the development has been sold to homeowners, the control of the association is transferred to a board of directors comprised of homeowners.
    As of 2006, the Travis Country West Home Owners Association control has been transferred to the homeowners.
Swimming Pool & Pavilion
  • chevron_rightCan I have a birthday party or other party at the pool?
    The Board requests that pool parties be registered with the pool committee. If you plan on having a party at the swimming pool please email pool@traviscountrywest.org and provide the following details:
           Date, Time, Homeowner's Contact Phone #, and Description of Event
    Please remember that the pool and pavilion can not be exclusively reserved.
  • chevron_rightCan the pool and/or pavilion be reserved for private parties?
    No. The pool and pavilion are not available for private parties. All TCW residents have access to the pool 24/7 all year long.
  • chevron_rightHow often is the pavilion and pool cleaned?
    The pool and pavilion are cleaned every Monday and Friday. On Monday holidays the pool and pavilion are cleaned on Tuesday.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the pool rules?
    The pool rules are also posted next to the entrance gate.
    • gates are to remain locked at all times
    • all children under the age of 15 should be accompanied by an adult at all times
    • no food beyond the pavilion area
    • no smoking within the fenced pool complex
    • no glass inside the fenced pool complex
    • no running
    • no flips or diving into the pool
    • no pets inside the fenced area
    • no skateboards or bicycles in the pool area
    • no children over the age of 5 in the baby pool
    • only proper swim attire should be worn to swim in the pools, including swim diapers for babies (no “cut-offs” allowed because of potential damage to the pool system)
    • non-resident guests will be limited to 10 persons per household
    • no disorderly conduct
    • the pool cannot be reserved exclusively for any private parties
  • chevron_rightWhat if I lose my pool card or my card no longer works?
    Please fill out the Pool Card Waiver Form located on the homepage or the "Amenities" tab if you are need of a new card. Please note that your card will not be activated if you have unpaid dues. 
  • chevron_rightWhen is the pool open and is there a lifeguard on duty?
    The TCW pool is open to residents 24/7. Please note that there is no lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.  Residents can access the pool with their key card.